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Year Three Starts Today!

13 April 2009 No Comment

Well, today The J. Clyde celebrated its 2nd Anniversary

Happy Birthday! 

With this new year upon us at The J. Clyde, I thought it was high time to start doing a better job of maintaining our website.  We have attracted a loyal, beer-savvy group of friends who are our customers.  One of my self-appointed missions was to start a restaurant in Birmingham which served good quality fresh food and also good beer.  I think we’ve accomplished that. 

We still have work to do.  This website is a good example of what remains!  Hopefully, those of you who look here for our events and goings-on will be able to do that now that I have decided to “blog” here at least once a week.  I might talk about beer or coffee or wine or whatever needs to come out of my head.  Optimistically, FREE THE HOPS  will be newsworthy soon!

I am not a great writer so I suspect blogging will not come easy to me either; however, I have committed myself to the task.  I read someone’s recent review which indicated we had a “crappy website.”  That may continue to be true, but at least it’ll be current!  I’ll try to post on each Tuesday and possibly more often if I have time.  I’m new to blog software which is sort of why it’s been such a long time since I’ve updated the site.

So, it’s a new year.  I’ll keep you updated on cask tappings, events, new beers, beer dinners, beer courses…  I promise.

Thanks to you all for a great two years!  It’s been a lot of fun (stressful, but fun).  We couldn’t have done it without friends like you.


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