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The J. Clyde Bids Farewell to the Shaker Pint

24 June 2015 No Comment

IMGP3711You may or may not have noticed a recent change in your beer’s presentation at the pub, but we wanted to inform you that we transitioned away from the shaker pint a couple of months ago.  The reasons are many, but here is an abbreviated account of why we decided to go with our beautiful, new Belgian-style 16 oz. glasses (pictured to the right) from here on out:

  • The shaker pint was never meant for beer.  Seriously, it’s true.  As the name indicates, the shaker pint was actually designed to shake cocktails.  Because of their durable design and handy stacking ability, these popular glasses became an all-purpose item in bars to serve patrons mixed drinks, water, sodas, etc.  Throw in the fact that they are an affordable option with broad sides that are perfect to slap a logo on, and that’s how we ended up on the strange road that led to the shaker being the go-to serving vessel for beer in America.  Belgians, on the other hand, have had the beer presentation and glassware game locked down for countless years, and that made them a natural direction for us to turn in selecting a new 16 oz. glass.
  • That shaker pint is doing absolutely nothing for your beer.  Sipping on a fine craft beer is meant to be an experience, but sadly the shaker pint has been robbing you of a great deal of that experience for far too long.  The shaker is doing your beer no favors in the head retention department, and that’s a bit of a problem because that precious foam can hold quite a bit of your beer’s aroma.  Speaking of aroma, the shaker’s design also cannot properly hold the aromatics of the beer within.  Since your sense of smell plays a sizable role in your ability to taste, shakers are simply allowing a more in-depth sensory experience to wastefully billow out of the top of the glass almost as soon as it is poured.  Finally, if we are being really picky, your whole hand is constantly in contact with a shaker pint.  This may not seem like a big deal, but this means that your pint is absorbing your body heat and taking the beer quickly out of its proper serving temperature.  Our Belgian-style pint glasses solve all of these problems with great head retention, a bulb that holds and directs aroma to your nose, and the option to hold the glass from the stem to keep your body heat away from your beloved brew.
  • Frankly, our new glass just looks better.  Take a quick look around The J. Clyde and it is easy to see that we have been heavily influenced by European traditions when it comes to beer and the overall pub experience.  These Belgian-style 16 oz. glasses are simply a better fit for our pub’s vibe and aesthetic, and we are confident that you will agree with just one look at them.  As soon as your favorite offering is placed in front of you and the light hits the curves of that glass, you are going to quickly forget about any allegiance you may have had to the shaker pint.  Guaranteed.

We fully understand that there is a time and a place for nostalgia, and the shaker pint certainly does conjure up memories for all of us when it comes to the American craft beer movement.  With that said, we just think that the shaker’s place is best left in our past so that we can provide you with the best beer drinking experience possible.  If you haven’t already, swing by the pub to try out the new glasses and let us know what you think!

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