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Special Tapping: Good People El Gordo Thursday, October 31

29 October 2013 No Comment

On Thursday, October 31st, Good People Brewing Company will join us at the pub for a meet & greet and very special tapping of the elusive El Gordo Imperial Stout!

As many of you may know, El Gordo is the much larger, luchador obsessed brother of Good People’s Fatso, and he certainly packs a punch by being both viscous and vicious.  His sheer size alone makes him one not to be trifled with, but that doesn’t stop brave souls from challenging him to a round at whatever bar or event El Gordo happens to appear.  El Gordo may be nearly impossible to beat, but all challengers leave with the satisfaction in knowing they took on the best.  Remember that El Gordo comes and goes as he pleases, so make your attempt to unmask him whenever you see him.

Due to El Gordo’s mask wearing ways, it seemed only fitting to unleash this stout fella’ during the Halloween festivities in Five Points.  For the tapping of this rare and limited offering, the good folks from Good People and Alabev will be hanging out to give you the inside information on El Gordo and all the goings on at the brewery.  In addition to El Gordo mania, we will also be featuring flights of Good People brews throughout the event.  Starting at 5 p.m., those that order one of these Good People flights will get a free glass to take home.

Can you think of a better way to start your Halloween than with the biggest, baddest stout made in Alabama?  Neither can we.  Come out for the El Gordo and Good People meet & greet, and stay for all the Halloween craziness we have planned later that evening.  See you all then!

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