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Please Contact Governor Riley

19 May 2009 No Comment

We are optimistic that Governor Riley will sign HB 373 legalizing gourmet beers up to 13.9% ABV in Alabama; however, nothing is certain in politics.  Free the Hops needs you and anyone you know who cares to keep calling and emailing the Governor!  Riley’s apparently still weighing the pros of our bill and he needs us to let him know how many folks care about this bill.  We understand now that he has until Monday, May 25th to sign the bill into law.  If he does not sign it, the bill will die and we will have to start this whole process over again next year from scratch.  Help us get it done this year!

This law will REALLY increase your options for quality beer at The J. Clyde, but it will also enhance the selections at your local grocery stores potentially.  We Alabamians will be exposed to all sorts of quality beers that are currently available just across our borders in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.  Unfortunately, Mississippi also maintains archaic laws limiting beer to 6% ABV.  People flock across the borders now spending millions of dollars and providing tax revenues that should remain in Alabama.

Belgian dubbels and tripels, Trappist ales, German doppelbocks and eisbocks, and all sorts of Imperial beers that have sprung from the minds of American craft breweries in the past few years.  Good People Brewing and Olde Towne will be freed to compete in other states with gourmet beers of their own.  They will be able to offer more options to you right here in Alabama as well.  All this means more jobs for Alabama.

Please help and call (334) -242-7100 or email the Governor’s office!  Let your voice be heard and open up new economic opportunities for Alabamians all across the state.


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