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Monday Night Brewing Flight Night, August 5

27 July 2014 No Comment

Monday_Night_Brewing_Company_LogoJoin us on Tuesday, August 5th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. when we welcome Monday Night Brewing to Birmingham with a special Flight Night event!

Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta, Georgia got its start thanks to a small bible study group that began homebrewing beer together as a means of getting to know each other better.  Brew days were scheduled on Monday nights, so the name just kind of stuck.  The Monday Night crew spent five years creating and tweaking recipes before they decided to found a commercial brewery in 2011.  Thanks to a lineup of tasty brews and a slogan of “Weekends are overrated”, Monday Night has quickly created a following in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.  The folks at the brewery have now decided to expand distribution into the Birmingham market, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them to town!

To properly introduce you to Monday Night Brewing, we will be featuring the following four beers during the August 5th event:

  • Black Tie Series: Bed Head Imperial Coffee IPA –  That tousled, frizzy hairstyle isn’t fooling anyone. You woke up, threw on some clothes, and headed out the door. Your coworkers stare at your bed head and snicker. But you embrace it, grinning smugly as you sip on your morning coffee.  Unfortunately, we don’t make coffee, we make beer. So we turned to our local coffee roaster, Batdorf & Bronson, to roast us up something special. A limited batch of Tanzania peaberry, an earthy, single estate coffee that is the perfect match for a veritable mound of hops. Coffee isn’t just for breakfast. And beer isn’t just for non-breakfast. Wear that bed head proudly.  8.4% ABV  75 IBUs
  • Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale – A roasty scotch ale with a hint of smoke. Full-bodied, but not overpowering. Smokey, but not in a creepy bar kind of way. Sweet, but not obnoxiously so. Sound like your ideal mother-in-law? Fair enough, but it also is a pretty dead-on description of our Scotch Ale. In a difficult hop-growing climate, Scottish brewers relied on other ingredients to impart flavor and bitterness – one such ingredient was smoked malt. Drafty Kilt is a dark, malty bombshell of a beer.  Bronze medal winner in Scotch Ale category at 2014 World Beer Cup .  7.2% ABV  26 IBUs
  • Fu Manbrew Belgian-style Wit – A bright, spicy Belgian-style wit. An effervescent, easy-drinking wheat beer, brewed with Belgian yeast, German hops, and a whisper of ginger from the Far East. This mustachio’d Belgian-style wit believes that good beer defies borders. The name Fu Manbrew was crowdsourced with some help from our friends at Scoutmob. They call the mustache a “Flavor Savor” for a reason.  5.2 % ABV  15 IBUs
  • Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner – Technically speaking, Nerd Alert is an ale. And if you want to get reeealIlly technical, we fermented this beer with ale yeast at low temperatures to achieve an incredibly clean flavor. However, if you bring up this knowledge in normal circles, you will, in fact, be labeled a nerd. So just enjoy the straw-blond appearance (Like the hair of the girl the nerd could never get) and the crisp, safe essence (like the nerd’s comic book room).  5% ABV  22 IBUs

These four beers will be served up in a special flight for $10 each so that everyone can sample and enjoy them responsibly.  As an added bonus, everyone who orders the special flight during the event will receive a free Monday Night glass (while supplies last).  Full pours will also be available for purchase if further research is required.  Representatives from both Monday Night Brewing and International Wines and Craft Beer will be in attendance to discuss the beer/brewery with you and hook some lucky folks up with additional schwag!

This is going to be a fantastic event with some delicious brews and great company, so get your friends together and join us on August 5th to give Monday Night Brewing a proper Birmingham welcome.  We’ll see you all then!

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