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Lagunitas Brewing Company Event Wednesday, January 15

12 January 2014 No Comment

Come down to the pub on Wednesday, January 15th to get acquainted with Lagunitas Brewing Company and a couple of their most coveted seasonal offerings!

We have a confession.  We are more than a little bummed and ashamed that we have not properly welcomed Lagunitas Brewing to the pub since they jumped into the Alabama craft beer scene late in 2013.  As a group of craft beer fanatics, we have always loved Lagunitas’ laid back, throw caution to the wind, West Coast style.  Constant innovation and improvisation has made Lagunitas one of the most respected breweries in the country, and we are stoked that their beer finally gets to flow through our tap lines.  We don’t have a great excuse for not having an event yet, it just never lined up . . . until now.  We hope you forgive us, and we think we have the two perfect Lagunitas beers to make things right.

First up, this event will feature the highly sought-after Lagunitas Sucks!  Born out of despair, Sucks was brewed as an apology to their fans for not being able to make Brown Shugga’ in 2011 due to construction issues while installing a new 250 barrel brewhouse.  It turns out that the self-deprecating apology was not necessary because Sucks did not suck at all.  This Double IPA won the hearts and palates of beer lovers all over the country with its tropical and citrus hop flavors balanced with a “cereal medley of barley, rye, wheat, and oats.”  The reception for Sucks was so great that Lagunitas has had no choice but to bring this beer back every year since.  Isn’t it amazing how things work out sometimes?  Best news of all, you finally get to try this beer at the Clyde during this event!

The second featured beer will be the tasty but interestingly named Hairy Eyeball Ale.  This beer kind of defies style and it’s best just to apply the catch-all American Strong Ale category to it.  This enigmatic, malty elixir is best described in the words of the brewery:

A roasty, toasty, malty, hangover-halting beer. Especially formulated for when you wake up feelin’ like you need to shave your eyeballs to see the new day.

During the event, reps from Birmingham Beverage will be in-house to chat with you about these beers and all things Lagunitas.  We also hear there might just be some swag giveaways to go along with these stellar beers!  Remember, free stuff is always good stuff.

Great Lagunitas beer.  Free swag.  We know you want both of ’em, so we will just plan to see you all on Wednesday!

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