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IPA Day 2015, August 6

21 July 2015 No Comment

IPADAYWidgetCalling all hopheads!  Join us at the pub on Thursday, August 6th when we join the rest of the country in celebrating America’s most popular beer style at our IPA Day event!

IPA Day was founded in 2011 as a universal movement to allow craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers and industry professionals the opportunity to connect on social media and in pubs worldwide.  What better way to do that than by centering the discussion on a beer style that is as popular, abundant and varied as the beloved IPA?  Getting in on the action is simple.  All you have to do is venture to your favorite participating location (look no further than The J. Clyde) to enjoy a delicious IPA, use the hashtag #IPAday while sharing a photo or post on your favorite social media platform, and connect with like-minded lupulin lovers online and at the bar.  All in the name of IPA, you get to spread the good word of craft beer while making new friends and contacts within the beer community.  Everyone wins and everyone has an amazing time in the process!

We are currently nailing down the final details for our IPA Day event (all updates available below), but believe us when we say that you are not going to want to be anywhere but The J. Clyde on August 6th.  From a stellar IPA tap list to delectable food specials, we are going to have all your IPA Day needs covered.  Check back here and on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates, and we will see you all on IPA Day!

Featured IPA Day Brews & Specials


IPA Day Draught Menu**

(**Draught list is subject to change based on final availability)


Randall Treatment

Sixpoint Brewery Resin Imperial IPA on the Randall through Thyme, Basil, and Poblano Peppers. Resin Imperial IPA will also be available as a regular draught offering as well.  Resin Two Ways!


Fairhope Brewing Company Bottle Debut!

More updates coming soon!


IPA Day Food Specials


  • IPA sandwich “Italian Pork Assembly” – Duroc pork, grass-fed beef, shallots, fresh herbs and Asiago cheese meatballs with Fairhope Causeway IPA marinara served on a Continental Bakery Baguette.
  • Lemon Basil IPA Hopsicles

#IPAday Photo Contest for a Bag o’ Schwag


Want to win a sweet Bag o’ Schwag at IPA Day on August 6? We are putting together a social media photo contest open to all of those in attendance on Thursday. Check out the rules below:

  • Step 1. Make sure you are following The J. Clyde on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.
  • Step 2. Document your #IPAday experience at The J. Clyde with a photo and post it on your choice of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all three).
  • Step 3. Make sure to tag The J. Clyde AND use the official #IPAday hashtag when posting your photo.
  • Step 4. Have a great time and take as many photos as you wish for multiple entries!

The photos will be assessed and judged over the weekend, and the winner will be able to pick up their Bag o’ Schwag on Monday, August 10!

More details coming soon!



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