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Help The J. Clyde Become One of the Great American Beer Bars 2013

16 August 2013 No Comment

CraftBeer.com is looking for the Great American Beer Bars of 2013, and we need your help getting The J. Clyde nominated for this great honor!

In 2012, CraftBeer.com reached out to their fans and readers for help in recognizing the United States’ great craft beer bars.  After 3,300 nominations and 30,000+ votes, CraftBeer.com was able to name three national winners and three regional winners from five areas of the country.  They are looking to hold the same contest again this year, and we need your help getting nominated.

Participation is easy and takes about a minute.  Follow these instructions, and we can knock this out in no time:

  1. Click here.  Seriously, right here.
  2. Scroll down on the page and click “Start Survey”
  3. Enter our name and address:
    The J. Clyde
    1312 Cobb Lane
    Birmingham, AL 35205
  4. Drop a comment about your favorite pub
  5. Rank us in the four categories they have listed
  6. Click “Finish Survey”
  7. Lean back in your chair and bask in your awesomeness

The nominations will close at noon MDT on Monday, August 19.  Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated and will earn you a solid high five or two the next time you swing by the pub.   With your help, we can continue to tell the rest of the country how amazing our craft beer community is here in Birmingham/Alabama.  Thanks again!

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