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Happy Mothers Day!

10 May 2009 No Comment

If your mom is a hophead, we have a small amount of Good People IPA left today at $3 per pint.  We ran out of the cask-conditioned IPA firkin early Saturday, but we still have some on draught.

Hot moms cook!  Cook for your mom today! 

It’s interesting that as I looked around this morning for Mother’s Day ideas, I found very little about moms and beer.  Of course, there were MANY Father’s Day  connections.  There were even some folks apologizing to their wives and asking forgiveness in regards to their homebrewing “madness.”

Just plain nuts. 

Click to get one for your hockey mom.

Brewed beverages over time have probably been cooked, kept, stored by more women than men.  Through the demonization of beer in the good ol’ USA, I think we have shifted women away from beer and towards wine.  There are other factors too.  For example, the American lager was designed to be a beer that could be consumed in large quantities easily.  These American lagers historically have been marketed heavily to men.

However, Mike Pomranz writes that times are changing.  Beer is becoming more gourmet and respected as a choice, quality beverage in America again.  In 1910, there were 1,568 breweries in the United States.  At the end of prohibition April 7, 1933, quickly 31 breweries were back in business by June.  This number increased to 498 by 1940, but something happened.  World War II certainly caused a huge change in the country, but over the years, the big breweries began to expand and suck up market share like never before.

By 1983, there were 51 brewers.  Not since Prohibition had there been so few breweries.  Remarkably, the vast majority of the beer produced by these 51 brewers was almost identical- a pale almost water-like lager that incorporated adjuncts such as rice to make the beer less “offensive” and more “drinkable.”  I quote these because they’re not my terms.

Somehow, the major breweries want us to believe that more taste means more offensive.  More drinkable means able to drink more of something.  How could anything so inoffensive to everyone be worth drinking?  I read a similar statement once in regards to a beer produced by Dogfish Head although I can’t find the quote to credit.

Thanks to folks like Charlie Papazian, Glen Falconer, Fritz Maytag, Jim Koch, John Maier, and Sam Caligione, today we are nearing 1,500 breweries in the US again.  The times indeed, they are a’changin’.

So today, Mother’s Day! Treat your mom nice!  Take her out to brunch.  Grill a steak!  Buy her a pint!


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