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Happy 4th Anniversary!

7 April 2011 No Comment


The J. Clyde celebrates its fourth anniversary next week!  Technically, the doors opened on St. Patrick’s Day 2007, but we chose to wait until Friday, April 13, 2007 as our Grand Opening.  We have four great events scheduled next week each showcasing one of our historic four years.

As part of the festivities, we will be selling raffle tickets benefiting Children’s Hospital.  The raffle is for a r0ckin’ rocking chair from Lazy Magnolia.  You don’t have to buy a raffle ticket to enjoy the week, but you’ll feel good supporting a great organization like Children’s Hospital if you do.  The raffle tickets will be available all four days and we’ll draw and announce a winner on Monday, April 18th.

Day 1 – Year 1!  Wednesday April 13th – This is Rogue Night!  Nothing exemplifies our first year like Rogue Ales.  It was rumored that we sold more Rogue beers than any place in the South during that year.  At one time, we had nine taps out of a total of 34 pouring Rogue greats like Shakespeare Stout and Brutal Bitter.   We have 43 taps now with not as many Rogue ones as we once did.  However, we continue to receive awesome John’s Locker Stock Series beers and casks that few establishments are lucky enough to receive.  We’ll have several special beers available on Wednesday including Chatoe Dirtoir and John John Dead Guy plus a cask-conditioned Dad’s Little Helper – a black IPA.

Day 2 – Year 2!  Thursday April 14th – Let me first iterate that we now have a great relationship with Birmingham Budweiser; however, Year 2 kicked off with a marvelous beer dinner featuring Lazy Magnolia and Terrapin plus a highly publicized boycott.  A television crew and a few print media were in attendance on January 23, 2008 to cover the start of a boycott of Birmingham Budweiser as we hosted the aforementioned beer dinner.  Times have changed and now Birmingham Bud is a big supporter of what we do and this night celebrates that.  A special cask of Southern Pecan and Terrapin Hopsecutioner will be served.  We’ll have t-shirts and pint glasses to give away with representatives from both breweries in attendance.

Day 3 – Year 3!  Friday April 15th – Tax day!  Yes, tax day…and we pay homage to two great breweries.  Our local brewery just down the street opened in May 2008; however, 2009 is when The J. Clyde really flourished thanks to a great relationship with Good People Brewing Company.  The Gourmet Beer Bill was passed through the dilligent efforts of Free the Hops and this allowed Good People to brew styles of beer that were previously illegal in Alabama to their high alcohol content.  Belgian-style beers, Russian Imperial Stouts, and Double IPAs were welcomed with aplomb by Birmingham’s residents.  We’ll have a special cask of Good People this night with hopefully a visit from the owners.  Fingers crossed!

Nashville has its own local brewery, but at The J. Clyde, we like to be Yazoo’s home away from home.  We were able to debut Yazoo’s Hop Project series in 2009.  Yazoo’s owner and brewmaster is a mechanical engineer trained at The University of Virginia and the J. Clyde’s owner is chemical engineer trained at The University of Virginia…makes sense that Yazoo couldn’t be left out of this week.  Bourbon-barrel aged Yazoo Sue, a smoked imperial porter will be served this night as well.  We should have schwag from both breweries to give a way.

Day 4 – Year 4!  Saturday April 16th – Man, what a week and what a night to close out this quadfecta of days with a quartet of breweries that are unmatched.  This day we want to celebrate the beer revolution in Alabama.  What we do at The J. Clyde would not be possible without great, world-reknowned breweries.  I’d stack these breweries up against any others and we are fortunate to have them here in Alabama.  Three of them came to Alabama directly as a result of the passage of the Gourmet Beer Bill!

How did we choose these four breweries you might ask?  Well, we scoured the lists of tap rated breweries and consistently these folks were always included.  We’ll have a couple of special beers from each including surprises from Sierra Nevada, a firkin of Avery Joe’s Pilsner, a special firkin from Great Divide, Bell’s Batch 10,000 and 2011 Hopslam.  The hopheads are saying “you saved the best for last!”

Cheers y’all!  Thanks for supporting craft beer and The J. Clyde!

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