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Free the Hops!

24 April 2009 No Comment

Well, I understand that we may be heard next week on the Senate floor.  According to Danner Kline of Free the Hops, a bill to raise the alcohol content from 6% may be voted on as early as next week in the Alabama Senate.  http://www.freethehops.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3486

This would be a great time for concerned drinkers of ale and lager to contact your Senator to express  and request support of The Gourmet Beer Bill.   You can find your legislators using this link.

If you are new to the issue, please explore the Free the Hops website as it articulately presents the concerns about quality beer in Alabama.  Alabama is now one of only two states out of 50 with this antiquated law.  West Virginia just passed a law to raise the ABV above 6% leaving us and Mississippi behind.

Help us FREE THE HOPS by contacting your Senator and kindly requesting support!


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