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Blind Double IPA Tasting! May 1st

26 April 2011 No Comment
This is part 4 of a series of tastings that Danner and I have coordinated. Seating is limited and requires a credit card reservation. It’s really a great way to figure out which beers you like and which you don’t because there’s no packaging, no preconceptions, and no hype to prejudice you.

We’re doing this one at The J. Clyde on May 1st at 2pm. $19 gets you samples of ~10 DIPA. We’ll also have a selection of cheeses for the event to help your palate. It’s a Sunday, but there will be kitchen staff available to put out the pub menu if folks are hungry. The J. Clyde will also be having it’s staff anniversary party so there’ll probably be some BBQ and fixin’s.

Call The J. Clyde at 205-939-1312 to make a reservation, or drop by in person to have a beer while you make your reservation.

The exact lineup of beers is a secret, but you can count on the usual suspects being involved, as well as some that are a bit rare by AL standards.

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