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B. Nektar Meadery Debut Event Friday, February 7

5 February 2014 No Comment

Join us on Friday, February 7th at 7 p.m. when we welcome B. Nektar Meadery to the pub and the state of Alabama with a special launch event!

B. Nektar Meadery was founded in 2006 by Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer, with the help of their good friend Paul Zimmerman.  Opened in Ferndale, Michigan on National Mead Day of 2008 (August 2nd), the dream of B. Nektar started back in 1998 when Brad was homebrewing beer, mead, cider and wine for his own enjoyment.  His longtime friend Paul soon got in on the action and began making meads with Brad in the Dahlhofers’ basement.  Before they knew it, their meads garnered the acclaim of their friends and family and earned them awards at homebrewing competitions.  When Brad and Kerri both fell victim to layoffs by 2008, they focused all of their attention on making B. Nektar a reality and have not looked back since.  By pushing the limits of traditional mead, B. Nektar has made their mark as one of the hottest meaderies in the country by producing some of the most sought-after meads available today.

We could not be more excited to host an event with B. Nektar and have an evening dedicated to the beautiful libation that is mead.  For this event, we will be featuring the following four B. Nektar offerings:

  • Black Fang – Our kind has been around for centuries, living in plain sight, and yet has remained recondite.  But now, the world is ready for us to come out of the coffin.  Don’t be afraid.  I’m going to give you the choice I never had.  The mead is the life, and it can be yours.  Savor the flood of blackberry as it is penetrated by the seductive honey, clove, and orange zest in this forbidden libation.  You never knew what life was until it ran out in a big gush over your lips.  It’s only mead, Michael.  Drink up and meet your maker.  CAUTION: Keep away from sunlight.  Product will sparkle in sunlight.
  • Dwarf Invasion – In the battle of Craft vs. Crafty, the time has come for the dwarves to show the giants they mean business.  With blades as sharp as tart Balaton cherries, they can cut their way through the deceit with the ease of pure honey flowing over fresh hops.  Le Nain Rouge is known to appear before a tragic event and this time is no exception.  It’s only a matter of time before the dwarves declare their victory.  This is no mere movement.  This is dwarf invasion!  B. HEAD THE GIANTS
  • Necromangocon – Swallow this. . . Many years ago, a mysterious book was discovered by a group of friends in a Ferndale, MI basement. A translation of its contents revealed the recipe for an ancient beverage using mango juice, honey, and black pepper. What they didn’t realize was that creating the beverage had dire consequences. Stricken by fear after its completion, the friends tried to contain the terrifying forces into this very bottle. Once opened, however, no one can say for sure if it can be conquered. Defend your soul or join us. . . B. Smart – B. S-MART
  • Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser – Dedicated to the freaks and the geeks!  What started as a top-secret experiment with Michigan honey, cherries and apple cider became a viral epidemic.  It won’t be easy to survive, so grab your weapons and don’t forget this bottle for backup!  Serve cold . . . zombies hate the cold . . . B. WARE GRrrHUrrgh . . .

This is going to be an awesome event that should challenge your perception of just how complex and tasty mead can be.  We hope you all come down to the pub on Friday to enjoy these delicious offerings and extend a warm welcome to the folks of B. Nektar!

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