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Anniversary Day 3 – April 8: Bacon & Brews

7 April 2015 No Comment

baconbeerOur 8 Days for 8 Years Anniversary Celebration is moving right along, and Day 3 on Wednesday, April 8th will combine two of our favorite things here at the pub: Bacon & Brews!

It is common knowledge that there is an expectation for you to make a rich and indulgent dessert available for friends and family to enjoy during birthday celebrations.  It is also widely known that the porcine gift of bacon easily makes any situation better.  Well, the brilliant culinary mind of our Chef Charles Nichols has combined the two to create the following bacon-themed dessert for our Wednesday event:

Bacon Brownie Balls – Triple Chocolate Brownie Balls rolled in Chocolate Ganache and Crumbled Bacon

In order for this to be a proper celebration, another obvious requirement is to make sure that your glass is filled with something special.  Not just any beer would do to serve alongside our featured dessert, so we put together the following flight of rare, Alabama-brewed offerings to further stimulate your taste buds:

Rare brews and bacon brownie deliciousness . . . what more could you ask for?  Be here on Wednesday for Day 3 of our 8th Anniversary Celebration and we’ll keep this party set on a course for awesome!

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